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Does Binance $200 Million Investment In Forbes Signal The Growth Of Cryptocurrencies?

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Binance is investing $ 200M in Forbes, becoming the second-largest shareholder in the media company. An insider to the deal states that Forbes will use the money to invest in SPAC. The move is an indicator that Crypto is here to stay as Binance is the largest crypto exchange platform in the world. The management of booth organizations has commended the move as it will allow consumers to access crypto information easily.

Read on to understand what it means to the crypto industry for Binance to invest in Forbes.

Binance is the largest crypto exchange platform in the world. Its $200 M investment in Forbes has created ripples in the crypto industry, especially among entrepreneurs and investors. People are Skeptical about Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) media deals making the deal raise eyebrows. The amount paid by Binance will amount to half of the $ 400M pledges done by investors who refused to be identified.

What Does Binance Gain From The Deal?

The move will make Binance the second-largest shareholder of Forbes. The merged company will trade publicly under the banner of FRBS and will have nine directors with two representatives from Binance. The crypto sector is gaining worldwide influence as investments continue surging. The sector continues to produce billionaires, with Binance founder and CEO the testament of how lucrative Crypto is. Crypto companies are known for traditionally invest in sports games through celebrity endorsements. However, this latest investment spells the entry of crypto investors into day to day business.

According to the CEO of Binance crypto mogul Zhao Changpeng, his company’s entry into other areas of business is necessary for people to learn about Crypto. The CEO is worth more than $96 Billion, which doesn’t include his crypto holdings. Crypto is lucrative is no longer a myth-making more people adopt it in their daily transactions.

The partnership with Forbes will also enlighten many people worldwide about Crypto and its benefits. It’s one of the most secure means of transaction. You can transact with it in a matter of minutes. Traditional means of transportation take days for them to be completed. Forbes has an audience of more than 150 million followers. Since they have been in business for more than a century, they are in the driving seat to introduce Crypto to the world.

What Does Forbes Gain From The Deal?

Forbes is a publishing giant that has been operational for more than 100 years. It works with independent contributors but is known to diversify its revenue channels. It has in previous years partnered with eCommerce companies in advertising to direct consumers. It’s also known worldwide for its annual rankings of world billionaires. The organization is known for its integrity in reporting something the Binance CEO commended them for.

Forbes has stood the test of time and would be perfect for web 3.0. According to Binance CEO, the organization is a brand that has existed since print media. Its dynamism allowed it to carry its work across web 1.0 and 2.0 and is perfect for web 3.0. The magazine giant had grown huge in terms of technology but has considered selling its stake to diversify its investments. The sale allowed Forbes to access funds to invest in SPAC’s merger.


Crypto investments continue to grow as crypto investors start investing in other businesses. The move by Binance to invest $200M in Forbes is an indicator the crypto sector is growing. The sector Is known for predominantly investing in sports betting and celebrity endorsements. The move will ensure more people learn and explore the bloc chain as an investment avenue.


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