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Imaginary Ones Unveils Imaginary Rides: A Stunning New NFT Collection

Imaginary Ones


Imaginary Ones, a renowned name in the world of NFTs, is all set to unveil their second collection under the TeamImaginaryOnes umbrella. Called Imaginary Rides (IR), this collection boasts breathtaking, world-class art pieces that have been crafted from scratch. Each piece has been carefully curated to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the NFT space. So, let’s dive deeper into the details of the Imaginary Rides NFT collection and explore what it has to offer.

An Exciting Opportunity for Collectors and Investors

The Imaginary Rides collection not only provides art enthusiasts with an opportunity to own exclusive pieces of digital art but also opens up new avenues for licensing and merchandising. This creates additional revenue streams and expands the reach of the collection even further. By holding Imaginary Rides NFTs, collectors gain access to the Imaginary Ones ecosystem, future offerings, and IO tokens.

Minting Details and Supply Allocation

The minting process of Imaginary Rides involves depositing ETH into the contract to obtain an Imaginary Ride NFT. The collection consists of 20,000 NFTs, with 9,000 allocated for airdrops to holders, 10,800 for the mint supply (9,800 for VIPs and 1,000 for FCFS), and 200 for the Imaginary Ones’ Vault.

Minting will commence on 8th May at 10 am SGT (7th May at 10 pm ET) and will end on 9th May at 10 am SGT (8th May at 10 pm ET). Refunds for unsuccessful waitlist participants will be processed on 11th May at 10 am SGT (10th May at 10 pm ET), while airdrops will occur on 11th May at 6 pm SGT (11th May at 6 am ET). The official reveal is scheduled for 15th May at 10 am SGT (14th May at 10 pm ET).

A Deposit System for Fair Minting

The Imaginary Rides collection will utilize a deposit system for minting, ensuring that minters do not receive their NFTs immediately. This approach allows for a consolidation period before NFTs are airdropped into the owners’ wallets, preventing overallocation and ensuring that all VIP allowlist members get their NFTs if they participate in the mint.

The deposit system also introduces a waitlist category, reducing the risk for people who join the waitlist and ensuring that everyone receives their NFTs en masse during the airdrop.

The Allowlist Types:

  1. VIP Allowlist: People in the VIP allowlist are guaranteed an NFT if they participate in the mint. They can also join the waitlist to potentially claim any slots left by VIPs who didn’t mint.
  2. FCFS Allowlist: Participants of the Bubble Rider game will be added to the FCFS allowlist. The first 1,000 minters in this category will be guaranteed one Imaginary Ride NFT, while subsequent minters will join the waitlist.


Imaginary Ones’ Imaginary Rides collection offers a unique opportunity for collectors and investors to acquire exclusive digital art pieces, gain access to the Imaginary Ones ecosystem, and explore new revenue streams. With its deposit system for minting and carefully curated art, the Imaginary Rides NFT collection is set to make a significant impact in the world of NFTs.

Image source: Imaginary Ones’ Twitter profile


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